Thursday, 06 May 2010

Rest Day


  1. Danny says

    Melanie said..

    Baseline: 5:51/knee push ups/skinny band for pull ups. I forgot to anchor my sit ups. So, I did unanchored abmat sit ups. Great job Tyler, Danny, and Robert!

  2. Danny says

    4:12 RX Baseline.

  3. Michel says

    Me and Bon Jovi did 4 miles on Riverside and 6 burpees. Its the little things in life that make it oh so wonderful!

  4. Robert says

    Great work Mel, Danny and Tyler today. I did Annie unanchored Abmat

    5:39 Rx PR

  5. Ginny says

    6:13 RX pushups, 1 1/2 band for pullups

    Hard to do it alone..thanks for yellin at me, Erin!

  6. Doc Haas says

    7:29 with 1-inch band for pullups. Thanks for the encouragement you 5:30 crazies!

    I have to take care of some stuff tomorrow (i.e.-suck it up and finally push to finish med school apps) and am on vacation until Wednesday, but I'll see you all that morning for more delightful pain.

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