Thursday, 29 April 2010

Now this cute couple knows how to rest!! 🙂

Rest Day

If you need to WOD M-F, I will be at the gym to coach during normal hours.


  1. Hey, everybody's gotta rest somewhere. That day we rested at Lake Tahoe.

  2. I did Annie today since I missed Monday, and did Fran on tuesday.Good thing we know what "doing" annie and fran means.
    7:46 rx abmat situps

  3. I should have rested today. Shoulder presses were tough today.

    Jimmy, I work on the rope jumping. Less donkey kicking. I will get those DUs…eventually. Thanks for the tips.

    Rhonda is the DU jumping wonder! way to go, Rhonda!!

  4. 10 RDS
    15 Abmat BFSU
    15 OHS w. PVC
    15 PU

    Jimmy, will you please post hours for Saturday? Thanks!

  5. Yahoo, a WoD that I can do RX!

  6. Shoulder press 3-3-3-3-3

    120 pounds–great work, John! Thanks for the help, Jimmy.

  7. Shoulder press 3-3-3-3-3
    90 pounds

  8. Vernice says

    I also should have rested today. The shoulder presses were not at their best. I think I did 65 for 5 reps.. but not for sure.
    Hope to see everyone tomorrow.

    Yea for Friday!!!

  9. Stacy J says

    shoulder press x3 95 lbs…..managed to get to 100lbs up twice but not thrice

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