Tuesday, 27 April 2010



Double Unders

For Time

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Compare to 02 FEB 10


  1. Yea, I LOVE Annie!

  2. Annie sub 10, singles and BF abmat SU

    I repeated FRAN today. sub 6 minutes. 32# thrusters. So my conclusion is that in the next FRAN 45/50# thrusters will be my target with a 10ish time.

    (Yesterday's FRAN was over 15 minutes at 65/55#thrusters. I was wiped out.)

    What do you think? sound like a good plan to aim for 10 minutes and keep adjusting the thruster weight?

    It was great to see everyone at 0630 this morning. Have a great day!

  3. 9:32 – singles

  4. 7:10 RX with abmat butterfly situps. I really wanted to break 7 minutes:( I'll keep trying. Nice work everybody!

  5. I did Fran today since I missed yesterday. will make up annie on sat. 9:29 rx.

  6. 11:43 with abmat situps and singles. PR is 11:11, but without abmat. Work in progress! Great day with everyone.

  7. edit my earlier entry: 32# thrusters today.

    today's Annie time was a PR by 32 seconds..

  8. 7:15 rx abmat bf. I'm gonna catch you Danny 😉 ( last time was 7:55 in feb!!) great job Jaime!! Awesome job today everyone!!

  9. 12:21 with singles
    Debbie was 17:31 and Vernice was 17:04

  10. MP Jimmy says

    6:00 RX with BF abmat SU's.

    Never did Annie with abmat, so I guess I set a PR! 🙂

    Susan, yes to the adjust the thruster weight. When doing Fran, you should pick a weight you can finish under 10 minutes. Fran is meant as a short, fast WOD. Greater than 10, you are kinda defeating the purpose. But, strong work none the less! 🙂

    See you all in the am!

  11. Stacy J says

    10:05? singles/abmat

  12. 10:31 singles..abmat

    Love doing workout outside!!

  13. patricelott says

    14:55 singles

  14. 7:46 rx abmat su

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