Thursday, 22 April 2010

Push Jerk

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  1. Great form day. I am finally getting the drive and drop.Thanks Jimmy!

  2. 175 lbs split jerk. Thanks for the help on form Jimmy! Great working out with you today Robert.

  3. 155 lbs–Jimmy, thanks for all your help. Danny always a pleasure watching you run up the hill–great work and I do beleive you are getting faster.

  4. 105 pounds. A kindler, gentler day.

  5. 125 lbs Good job Stacy, Steve, Ginny, and Tyler.

  6. Stacy J says

    145 lbs Good job Ginny, you looked really good on your form. Job well done Amber and Steve. Way to push thru the pain Tyler.

  7. 75#..Thanks for the help Amber and Stacey, you guys rock!

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