Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Push Press

Post max loads to comments


  1. Melanie said…

    85 lbs. Erin, thanks for showing me all of those new stretching exercises! Great to see you Amber! Good job everyone!!!!

  2. 125 lbs. Good to see all my 5:30 and 6:30 people, you guys did awesome.

  3. Wow Amber! That is tremendous! So good to have you with us today!!
    I think that is a PR. Rhonda, Patty and Debbie – smokin hot today.
    Thanks for the form work Erin!

  4. 180 lbs. Great job Robert, Jim, and Mel. Great to have Jim back, too! Thanks for the stretching tips Erin!

  5. 85#

    Erin and Michele, have fun at BonJovi!

  6. 125 pr got up to 120 last time

  7. 105 :-/ my shoulder started to pinch ( and I learned the hard way last time 😉 so no pr today
    but I do hve BON JOVI tonight !!!! I'm living on prayer kids 🙂 great job today everyone!!

    Amber and Jaime in the words of Bette Mitler " did u ever know that your my hero?"

  8. 125 pounds
    Good to see you Amber

  9. 95×5-115×5-135×3-145×3-150×1-155×1-160×1

    Great job to all!

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