Wednesday, 07 April 2010



Deadlifts (225/150)
Handstand Push-ups

For Time

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Compare to 09 FEB 10

Ensure that if you are doing the HSPU’s on the wall, you are getting a good range of motion (ROM). If you are only getting a 1-3″ ROM, it would be better to do knees/toes on a box. ROM is more important, during a WOD, than being able to say you were on the wall. Getting better on the wall is a skill I would love for all to be able to do. However, you should work on it during non-WOD’n time.


  1. patricelott says

    Sorry I had to miss but I still have my cold. I was down in Austin over the weekend, visiting grandkids. All the grandkids, the other grandparent, and I all have colds now. Hopefully I'll be there tomorrow. Crossfit means so much to me. It's like another family. Those who sweat together, stay together, right?

  2. Take care, Patrice. I was missing you today.

    150# DL, 24" box HSPU

  3. 9:50 rx deadlift 24" box hspu on toes. This was a good one. Thanks for the tip on HSPU Jimmy. I will work on full ROM before I go back to the wall.

  4. OMG! Can someone help this poor soul with her form?:)

  5. Michel says

    Great form education today – Thanks Jimmy and Erin. Erin, your coaching and support was huge and thanks for hanging in. MEL, so good to see you back!

    95# DL
    24" Box HSPU – Knee

  6. 21:32 RX (1st time RX'd). Hope you feel better soon, Patrice.

  7. 9:08 with toes on 24 " ( michele I vowing to become Helen of hspu or ,.,… Wall 🙂 great job today guy deadlifts were looking better across the boar! 🙂 ps for those who weren't here or didn't have cash I have the enveople for the little boy in oolagah(menigitis survivor ) , I plan to send that Monday so it will be here thru Friday.Thank you, thank to everyone participating!!!

  8. OK, I had a major problem posting this morning…I never thought it would work so well! How do I remove the extras?

  9. Michel says

    Erin – I am totally seeing Helen of HandStand PU – You go girl!!
    I will be kipping in spirit. Alas for today,

    Briget Jones of Deadlifts – Out.

  10. I heard a interesting rumor today from a long time HZ member. HZ is expanding their facility and Crossfit will be moving over there. She said that she has seen the building plans. hmmmm…..

    So, ladies, your WOD for tomorrow is follow-up on the rumor while you're visiting the locker room. Ask Ronnie from New Jersey. She married to Allen the dentist. She's my source.

    Or maybe the coffee Kabitzers are in the loop.

  11. Robert says

    17:26 Rx—also first time RX.

    Great job, Danny! Great to see Jim for two consecutive days! Thanks, Erin, for the coaching–you have really helped my deadlift form.

  12. Robert says

    Olivia said:

    Helen with half inch band an 15 pound KB–13:13

    Thank you Erin for letting me come! I had a lot of fun.

  13. MP Jimmy says

    Susan, and all:
    Rumor is true; however, it will not be until mid-2011 at earliest. I will send an email out tomorrow informing of what I have been told, and any of you that have an "in", keep me filled in with what I do not know. 🙂 Thanks!

    Love ya all! See you soon!

    PS-Danny, Congratz on first RX Diane.

  14. MP Jimmy says

    Congratz to you as well on first time RX Diane.

    I can erase the extras. If you ever type something you want erased, just email or text me to let me know which one.

  15. Vernice says

    9:10 125 deadlifts, 20in with ab mat HSPU
    Patrice, get well soon
    Susan, you MUST start coming to the locker room. that is half the therepy of CF. I know Roni and will 'chat' with her tomorrow.
    Michel, I MUST be Helen of SOMETHING. what can that be???
    Rhonda, great to have you back, I missed you
    Lisette, You are doing a great job
    Debbi and Coby, we missed you today
    Erin, thanks for taking charge of the gift for Jeremiah's family.
    Jimmy, I am so looking forward to you being back with the group
    All other CFers you always do an awsome job.
    Vernice, good night!

  16. Stacy J says

    8:08 toes

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