Monday, 05 April 2010

For Time:

10 Clean to overhead (115/75)
10 Pull-ups
Run 400m

4 rounds

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“Clean to overhead” is defined as: cleaning the weight to shoulder height; then doing a push-press, push-jerk, shoulder press, or any combination thereof. Each rep starts with weight touching the ground, and finishes with weight fully extended overhead.


  1. Stacy J says

    The following is a link to the Crossfit games website highlighting competitor Kyle Maynard, a congenital amputee. Please watch the videos to the right of the page and you will understand why he is known for what he CAN do, not what he CANNOT do.

  2. 16:32 RX Great job Rhonda and Robert! Thanks for pushing me Erin!

  3. Michel says

    1 1/2" Band
    20 # Clean to Overhead

    SO GREAT TO BE BACK AND SEE EVERYONE AND DO THE DEAL. Erin, thanks for the coaching and support and encouragement. My kipping was on fire today.

  4. 24.??

    1st round 75#
    2-4rds 65#
    better pull-ups. still 1-1/2" bands.

  5. Robert says

    19:48 Rx–great to have you there with us Rhonda! Michel great to see you (and hear you–I heard your shriek of excitement just prior to the workout). Erin, wonderful cues keeping my cleans clean today! Danny…what can I say other than wow!

  6. 20:58 rx. why does running have to be so yucky to me?

  7. 18:50 rx
    thanks or posting link Stacy! It's awesome to see people doing Crossfit against so many challenges, physical and mental!! Think we should all start wods with Michele's shriek of excitment 🙂

  8. Rhonda G says

    16:49 ish?

    MOD 42# Clean to Overhead
    1 1/2 Band PLU

    What fun it was working out with the Danny and Robert! Thanks for all the encouragement and the advice on my shoulder. I can't wait until it gets better!

  9. 19:47..55# and 1 1/2 pullups

    Thanks Steve for running the last 2 laps with me.. I would have walked up the hill if it weren't for you yelling at me to sprint!

    I agree Jaime..running is YUCKY!

  10. Vernice says

    55 Cleans
    1 1/2 in band
    rowing 500 (this really takes longer than running but my knees can't take running all the time 🙁
    great job everyone. I could really tell that I missing on Friday. Rhonda 12 something is great!
    Erin glad to have you back.

  11. Stacy J says

    21:08 thong for pull ups

  12. Michel says

    Your are smokin' on those pull ups Stacy! Well done! The fact you can press and dead lift the parking lot is still way up there.

  13. JanuskieZ says

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