Thursday, 01 April 2009

Run 800m
Rest 2 minutes

4 rounds

Post total sprint time to comments


  1. Stacy J says


  2. 22:33
    Happy Easter everyone

  3. patricelott says

    20:20 running; Happy Easter–find a lot of Easter eggs!

  4. 15:37 sprint time on the old hill behind the dungeon. Great job Coby and Patrice! Erin, thanks for everything!

  5. I went over and ran the old mp hill 🙂 ( or satans incline) lol actually felt good to run that basturd again! 🙂
    17:02 great job today guys! And happy Easter!!

  6. 17.04 running time.

    Happy Easter!!

    I'm ready to try "Nancy" again. (400runs; 15OHS x5 Rds) or "Joshua" (400runs; 30SU; 15DL x5Rds).

    Anybody else game??

  7. Michel says

    Hi everyone! I walked La Fortune and it felt great! Tried to run but was like Gumby on Cuervo. Got all clear from doc and will be back on Monday. Miss you all, HAPPY EASTER! And Susan, count me in on Joshua first, then Nancy.

  8. 18:53 on the old hill. I thought that might be better than running in circles, but I don't know. Hate that I feel like a slow poke.

  9. Robert says

    14:57 Nice old hill. How nostalgic!

  10. Vernice says

    22:tr rowing time
    Susan I don't recall meeting Nancy but I sure I will sometime soon thanks to your suggestion!
    MIchel, glad you got a clean bill of health to return. We miss you.
    Happy Easter to all. Enjoy the weekend.

  11. 17:26

  12. Stacy J says

    19:36 and I still say "yucky"

  13. BTW my running time was really 19.04

    so it goes….

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