Wednesday, 10 March 2010


AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats



5 Handstand Push-ups
10 Pistols (alternating)
15 Pull-ups

Post WOD and total rounds to comments

Compare to 04 JAN 10


  1. Great morning with everyone. Thanks Robert and Erin for kipping clinic and the demo and support! I got past the mental block on form and will be swinging the C.

    8 Full Rounds +5 PLU,3 PU
    All PU RX which nearly killed me, but great to finish all RX.
    4 Rounds on PLU with 1" band, 5 with 1 1/14

    Jan 4 below, but I'll take today over that one. MPCF rocks! Thanks Erin!!!

    19 Rounds + 5 PLU, 3 PU – PR
    1 1/2" band
    Knee push ups

  2. 19 RX, no wallball. Great job everybody! Robert, you are an animal!

  3. Melanie said…

    8 RX. Great job Robert and Danny!! You were awesome today…as always! Michel, I am so happy for you! You're trying so hard on those pull ups!

  4. 21 Rx without the wallball for squats. Great work to all! Thanks Erin for the push…Michel nice work…the kip will come.

  5. Rhonda G says

    Nice work everyone! I miss my morning workouts..and of course, all of you. Hope to see you soon 🙂

    Things are improving rapidly with my Dad!! He may get out of ICU today. The ICU nurse was telling him that he's only alive because he must have had Angels flying all around him protecting him. We feel so blessed to still have him and I can't thank you enough for your support through prayers and thoughts.

  6. 12 rounds rx
    got 13 in last time!! Arrgghh.

  7. We miss you Rhonda ( and your pretty pull ups 😉 I know you would Rock this WOD! Glad to hear your dad is doing better we will continue to pray for him!
    ~Melanie congrats on the RX!!!!
    ~ Michele think instaed of Helen of Kip we'll call you the flying C 😉
    great push today guys! Everyone did a great job today either doing a smaller band or rx push ups!! You are rockstars! 😉

    * I did 14+ rds with butterfly pull ups!! Finally! 😉 and NO ball for sqts!

  8. 12 rounds for me and Debbie….modified pushups and 1" band. I so look forward to Wednesday workouts.

    Great news Rhonda. Hope to see you soon.

  9. Erin, totally hip with C. BUT I GET A CAPE WHEN I HIT RX! Red, with gold…may need to throw in a phone booth.

  10. Vernice says

    15 rds with only 5 PLU left to go for the 16th rd.
    Did all PU RX, they were getting weak at the end.
    Rhonda, we miss you and are praying for your Dad's recovery. Hope to see you back soon.

  11. Stacy J says

    10 rds plus 3 plups and no ball. I used the thong for this workout which made it much more challenging! I felt like I had to step it up because those 630 ladies are kicking butt!! Great job everyone!

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