Thursday, 04 March 2010

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 rep rounds of:

Handstand Push-ups

For Time

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  1. 24:46 – Rounds 10, 9, 2 & 1 against the wall with yoga block. Other rounds on knees and toes.

  2. 21:33. 1st round of hspu was rx'd, but after that, I modified by using the abmat. Great job Robert, John, and Mel! Erin, awesome job on yesterday's wod. Very impressive!

  3. Stacy J says

    I feel like a lumberjack beat me up

  4. Melanie said…

    25:06/knee hspu. Erin is a FABULOUS encourager! Great work everyone. Everyone was trying SO HARD!!! 🙂

  5. I second that Stacy. I'm thinking rest day tomorrow.
    Today did 20" box and 1" band @ 10:57 with my good friend Vernice.

  6. Michel says

    AWESOME GIG WITH THE 5:30 GROUP! Thanks to all for the support and encouragement across the board. Lou, great to see you. And drumroll…

    I KIPPED. I KIPPED. YEEEEESSSS!!! DID YOU SEE THAT…I KIPPPED. AND MORE THAN ONCE. I AM PLU KRYPTONITE! ITS THE THONG FROM NOW ON. ERIN, STACY, AMBER – YOU GUYS ROCK! And my handstands aren't too shabby either. Work in progress, but on my way.

    24" Box HSPU
    1 1/ 4" Band PLU

  7. Rhonda G says

    16:07 half RX

    RX PLU and Head Stand Dips…(baby steps, but trying!) for 10-6
    Then 1 inch band on PLU and Head Stand Dips for 5-1.

    I tried to do RX and only failed due to a cutaneous malfunction on the palm of my hand. Ouch!

    6:30 am energy was really exciting today! I was tired after Wednesday but am so glad I showed up today.

  8. Rhonda G says

    Lou Says:

    24# Box for HSPU
    RX PLU

    Thanks Erin for catching my feet!! I attempted RX HSPU. It wasn't pretty!!

  9. Robert says

    27:20 Rx–great job to everyone–Michel wow great job. John, Danny and Melanie as always amazing. Great job to all! Erin your coaching has really jumped to the next level–thank you!

  10. 12:57 with yoga block

  11. Vernice says

    11:something. I would have finished under 10 with my workout buddy Coby but on the last 1 pull up thought 'what the heck it will be less time to do one RX PU than to put my foot in the band…NOT.
    Finished the workout with at CFE with Susan, All out Row for 20 sec. rest 30 sec 12 rounds.

    EVERYONE is doing so great. We have to be the best CF group around. Don't you agree???

  12. Stacy J says

    11:07 toes, 1" band

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