Wednesday, 03 March 2010

“Lumberjack 20”

20 Deadlifts (275/185)
Run 400m
20 Kettlebell Swings (2/1.5 pood)
Run 400m
20 Overhead Squats (115/75)
Run 400m
20 Burpees
Run 400m
20 Pull-ups (Chest to Bar)
Run 400m
20 Box Jumps (24/20)
Run 400m
20 Dumbbell Squat Cleans (45/30 ea. hand)
Run 400m

For Time

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This WOD is in dedication to the twelve soldiers and one civilian that were killed, along with 43 others wounded, at Fort Hood, Tx, on 05 NOV 09. Four of the fallen and eleven of the wounded were active CrossFitters at Lumberjack CrossFit. Our continued prayers go to their families.


  1. No time today for felling trees, so…
    10 pullups
    10 pushups
    10 rounds

  2. 48:33 RX Great job everybody! Erin, excellent work on the DU's! Very impressive. Anne, thanks for the update. We're missing you and praying for a quick and complete recovery!

  3. Melanie said…

    46:31. modifications were 135 lb deadlift/30 lb overhead squats/did regular pull-ups instead of chest to bar/17" box jumps/20 lb dumbbell squat cleans. Great work everyone! Anne, so glad to see you post. We are definitely missing you! Ben, hope your knee is improving. We miss you, too!

  4. Michel says

    This is a new favorite WOD. Great work everyone!!! Erin, you rocked today and I thank you for all the coaching and encouragement!!

    36:34 MOD
    90 lb Deadlift
    17" Box Jump
    1 1/2 Band PLU
    RX Burpees
    35 Lb KBS
    10 or 15 Lb DB Squat Cleans
    45 lb OHS

  5. Rhonda G says

    After seeing this "WOD" I had to read Erin's Friday post again. This was tough! Great job to everyone who finished today. Love your attitude Michel! Anne, good to hear you are healing well. Come back soon! We miss you.

    38:56 MOD
    105 LB DL
    45 LB OHS
    RX Burpee
    PLU – Regular
    30 LB KBS
    RX Box Jump
    20 LB Squat Clean each hand
    2800 Meter run.

    Erin, can I go home now and have dessert?

  6. I did not have enough time to dedicate to this WOD. I'll be making it up on Sat. So I can feel your pain. This is still not as tough as the one Jimmy made up on New Years!!I did:
    3 rds
    10 deadlifts 135
    15 plu
    20 box jumps 20"
    run 400
    in 18:49 not sure on the seconds.

  7. 38:12 modified everything. Zonked

  8. MP Jimmy says

    I too was not able to do this one today. My truck had to be taken to the shop, and i am too lazy to run a 5K to the gym, do the WOD, and then run a 5K back. I think I have gotten soft! Plus, when these 'Army guys' saw the WOD, all of them backed out on me!

    I am proud of all of you! I should be able to do this tomorrow. Jamie, I do not think we will ever have another WOD like the New Year WOD. The 40 DL for 3 rounds was CRAZY!!!!

    I look forward to my return to real CrossFitters!

  9. 41:06 rx o my GOD that was rough!!!!
    The lumberjack from hell!!!!

  10. Robert says

    38:35 225 DL but all else Rx

  11. Stacy J says

    39:31 all RX except PL/U and I did that with a 1" band. This was VERY tough. Felt awful right after then at about 20 minutes felt really great and now getting very tight. We shall see what tomorrow brings!

  12. PS Rhonda heck yeah you can have dessert after that wod!!! O cheated from the zone just now to have fudge and I DONT CARE 🙂

  13. pl9516 says

    Sorry Erin, work won out this morning. I had too many projects for today. Also I won't be there on Thursday either. I have another 7:30 meeting. Hopefully Friday.


  14. Vernice says

    115 DL
    45 lb OHS

    115 dl
    RX Burpees
    45 lb OHS
    1 in. band on PU
    15 DB Squat Clean
    10 in box jumps (very weinnie)
    35 lb Kettlebell
    4 rounds of running 400
    3 rounds of rowing 500
    TOUGH work out. It was good!
    This afternoon had to sit in a 2 hour meeting.. my calves were ACHING so bad. but i am all better now

    Jamie, I agree, nothing has been like the New Years Day workout!

  15. Michel says

    Stacy, I had Advil for lunch and stretched out, channeling the God of Spandex.If there wasn't one before, there is now. I have to do three term papers for time tomorrow won't be able to make the Spa WOD at Camp CrossFit as posted. What a strong group this is! Well done.

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