Tuesday, 23 Feburary 2010

Back Squat

Post max load to comments


  1. 232 PR

    row 8min
    rest 2min
    row 8min
    3403 meters

  2. CFE
    Row 8 minutes, rest 2 minutes, row 8 minutes
    3295 meters

  3. 157 – pr 🙂
    cfe row 2x8min 2min rest in btw -3070 meters
    great job today everyone!!

  4. 140 PR

    Stacy, 232!! you are amazing. Great Job.

    Didn't do posted CFE but I did row 5 mins, 50 set ups and 50 squats.

  5. 187 (gotta count those clips) Great job Amber!! That's a lot! I did the rowing thing and got to 32something.

  6. 135 lbs

    Much needed break from upper body! Everything hurts! Is that good?

  7. 227 lbs

  8. I said Amber (It's late for me) Honestly, I got Amber and Stacy's names backwards when I first met you guys and I still do that in my head sometimes!! I meant great job Stacy

  9. 157 – PR

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