Monday, 22 Feburary 2010

10 rounds for time

10 Burpees
10 Pull-ups

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  1. 14:52 RX. Great job Robert and Melanie! Thanks for the help Erin!

  2. Melanie said…

    24:01. Knee burpees/ RX pull-ups for first four rounds/first time to do RX pull-ups in WOD. Used skinny band for last six rounds.

    Great job Robert and Danny. So glad your tri went well, Robert! Thanks so much, everyone, for the encouragement today. Erin, I really appreciated your help. I will work on my "back" swing!!! 🙂

  3. 26:59

    Certainly a rude way to start Monday

  4. I haven't been going to crossfit lately because I twisted my knee last week.. It's getting better but It will take some time before I can do crossfit. I'm working upperbody only at the healthzone for awhile. Keep up the great work guy's and I'll see you all soon!

  5. Hey Ben. Thanks for the update. Sorry about your knee. We'll pray for a quick and complete recovery. We've been missing you. Hope to see you soon.

  6. Get well soon, Ben. 13:44 Rx today. 55:48 on the Tri. Very fun time–thanks for all the support.

    Great job, Melanie on the Rx pullups. Great job as always, Danny! Great to have you back firing on all cylinders.

  7. 15: and some change.

    1" band PLU and RX Burpees
    Melanie, WOW!! Great job on the RX PLU's!.
    Get well Ben!
    Thanks, Debbie for your encouragement and, last but not least, Thanks, Erin. We really appreciate you.

  8. Melanie said…

    Ben, we have been thinking about you! Sorry about your knee. We hope you come back soon!

  9. 23:38 rx. Man! that was as hard as I thougt it would be. Finally made it through 100 plu without bloody hands!! Rockin the chalk.

  10. 21:56 w/two 1" bands.
    Coby, this workout was also a rude way to end a Monday as well!!!

  11. 19:54 rx this was NOT awesome!!!
    Melanie awesome job on the rx pull ups!!!
    Ben sorry to hear about your knee I know the dbl under breakfast club misses you! Take care get some rest hope to see you soon!!

  12. I miss a day and look at all this news and awesome posts!!! Ben, so sorry to hear about your knee. Dude, we miss you so get well soon. I did something to my ankle over the weekend and its a mess. It couldn't be falling flat on my butt a few times doing OHS on Friday. Nope.

    Great job on the Tri Robert! Everyone is doing so great!! Proud to be with you all! Crashing the 5:30 pm group tomorrow unless our leader says no. Be groovy.

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