Friday, 19 February 2010

30-20-10-5 rep rounds of:

Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1 pood)
Overhead Squats (65/45)

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  1. I really liked this WOD! (yeah, I'm a sick woman)

    banded PLU; 35# KBS; 45#OHS

    I've determined that I've been holding my hands too far apart on the PLUs and that's what aggravates my shoulders. Duh…I've narrowed my grip and I feel the PLUs more in my triceps and less in the anterior deltoids. Now I'll achieve the Rx PLU.

    0630 worked their butts off this am! Great effort everyone!

    Robert, good luck on your tri. Keep us updated!

  2. 15:32; modified to 45 lb OHS. I agree with you Susan. This was a great WOD. I want to give a shout out to Melanie who did RX'd PU's today for the first time! She picked a workout with 70 PU's and did them all RX'd! Thanks for your help Erin. You are awesome!

    Robert, you are going to do great on Saturday! Good luck! Have a great weekend everybody!

  3. I got my butt kicked today. Great WOD and I finished dead last, but I finished, Susan, gotta follow your lead on the PLU. Kipping Clinic anyone? CONGRATS MELANIE on the RX PU!!! Right on! Great to see the Prefontaine's today!

    43 lb OHS
    35 lb KB
    1 .5 " Band PLU 1 round
    2" Band PLU 2 rounds

    Robert – good luck!! Erin, thanks for pushing me!!!!

  4. 23:30
    banded pu
    45 pound kb
    50 pound ohs

    And yes, Jimmy. I'm zonked. Tomorrow might have to be a rest day.

    Good luck Robert.

  5. Melanie said…

    16:30 I had to change the WOD today. Here is what I did: 30-20-10-5 rep rounds of Kettlebell swings 35 lb., RX push ups, and abmat situps. THANKS, everyone, for the encouragement!!! Good job everybody!!! Robert, you'll do great on your tri! Everyone is pulling for you!

  6. 22:07 rx me wee shoulders hurt

  7. 16:44 rx I will second that Coby I am zonked!!! Great job everyone!!! Danny I tried to do the thirty unbroken did 15/ 15 hands just gave out :- p

  8. 19 something
    rx (35lb) kb
    30 lb OHS
    1 in PU

    I have to tell you, the worst part of the WOD was the pu because my hands were ripping!!! This is the second WOD this week that has killing my hands. What should I be doing different? The calius on my hand was ripping opened!!! Does this happen to other CrossFitters or should I just loose more weight so I don't have some much to pull up to the bar?? Please give me your input.

  9. Vernice, I wear gloves when we do a workout with a lot of pullups.

  10. Amber thanks for the input.. But I have been wearing gloves. This is what threw me. I think maybe doing the pull ups yesterday was too soon after doing the workout the other day that had the K2E and pull ups. that day started it and yesterday finished it!!! have a good weekend.

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