Thursday, 18 February 2010

Push Press or Push Jerk

Post max load to comments

Compare to 23 DEC 09 (3 rep PP)


  1. 135 lbs–4 reps at 140 lbs. Participating in the Saint John's Indoor Tri this weekend–first tri since crossfit started. Should be interesting.

  2. Sweet fancy Moses! Last time with 3 reps I did 95 today with 5 reps :
    100!!!! ( 2 @105 😀 ) OMG that makes me happy!
    Great job today guys!!! Good luck in the tri Robert wish I could join ya 🙁

  3. 105 5 reps is a lot!!

  4. patricelott says

    47 lb, a PR for me.

  5. 79 for me. I didn't try the next level so, who knows, maybe I wouldn't have failed. Last time we did sets of 3 I did 80lbs.

  6. 115lbs. Good job Kevin, Ginny, Michel, and Stacy.

  7. 120 PR Great job to my workout buddies Amber, Kevin, Ginny and Michel. You guys are awesome!

  8. Great to be back and to WOD with 5:30 team. Thanks for the support and encouragement!! Amber, Kevin, Ginny and Stacy – you guys amaze me. Looking forward to crashing your party again soon.

    70 lbs – PR
    4 at 75

    Robert – GOOD LUCK ON THE TRI! Bring the Phelps heat from Dec. 22 and you'll be taking home the gold.

  9. 115 pounds. 5 reps were tough.

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