Monday, 15 Feburary 2010

Congratz Danny on completing your first marathon!
And in true CrossFit fashion, meeting Mr. Pukie at the end, AWESOME!

3 rounds for time

20 Double Unders
15 Back Extensions
10 Ring Dips
5 Thrusters (115/85)

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(Sorry for late post)


  1. 11:18 rx except for 1/2 " band for some of the dips. (also some of the rx ones were not full range of motion)

  2. Congrats Danny! Hope you are gloating — at least a little!

  3. 10:42 RX!!! And PR heaviest thrusters I've done ( In a WOD I mean 😉 and rx ring dips max was only 2 at a time but o well 🙂
    ~ congrats again to Danny love meeting mr pukie!! Lol!!!
    ~ watching olypimics right now wish we could incorporate crosscountry skiing into cross fit somehow ;-p haha!

  4. 8:23 Rx–thanks Erin for the help this morning and of course, great work on the marathon Danny!

  5. Great work on the WOD, Erin!

  6. Woohoo, Danny!! Congratulations on your 1st marathon!!

  7. RIGHT ON DANNY!! Well done and congrats, high five and air sick bag to you! And Erin – You go girl! See you guys Wednesday. I did today:

    10 Rounds:
    15 Squats
    15 SU
    15 PU

  8. did this one on saturday. 7:54 with 1" banded ring dips

  9. Did this one Saturday as well so today i did
    3 rounds
    10 front squats (95#)
    10 K2E
    10 Burpees

    10:42 rx

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