Tuesday, 09 February 2010

Reminder: If TPS is closed, so will MP. This is due to the instructor not being able to get out of driveway! 🙂 However, watch your email, Erin may be able to come in the afternoon. If TPS is open, so is MP.



Deadlifts (225/150)
Handstand Push-ups

For Time

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Compare to 30 NOV 09

Note: On 30 NOV, I posted female weight as 135. It should be 150 (2/3 of male weight).


  1. sub 7 minutes…135# DL and box HSPU. Today I was able to hold a handstand against the wall with Erin and Coby's support. I'm determined to pass the mental hurdle and do a handstand without assistance. then move on to real HSPU.

    Thanks for all your help and encouragement. 0630 is the best!

  2. 18:36 195 lbs deadlift ( tweeked back a bit so went light to work on form) mod HSPU–abmat.

  3. 7:58 with 24" box and 135 pounds

    Debbie did 65 pounds @ 6:36

  4. 135 DL
    Wall HSPU with yoga block on tall side
    (probably should have done 150)

  5. 10:54 rx ( hspu on 2" block need head to touch it tho 😉
    great job guys!! Awesome job Cobrah, Susan and Vernice kicking up on the wall holding handstands!!!

  6. Did alternate workout because of sore back.
    walking lunges
    backward walking lunges
    ~22 minutes – can't remember exactly.

  7. Rhonda you kicked some serious tail. Awesome job on the hand stand push ups.

  8. 115 lb deadlifts
    20in hspu
    6:13 minutes

    THEN I kick up to a hand stand on the wall for 30 seconds and actually could have done longer.. I think I will try a FEW RX hspus in the future

  9. 7:59 toes
    I attempted the dreaded handstand and managed to get my butt over my head twice. I will attempt to do HSPU rx next time. Awesome job Rhonda on the rx HSPU….you rock!

  10. Time was 20:41

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