Monday, 01 Feburary 2010

Susan’s Saturday WOD!
(And I am sure she was the only one doing that! :))

5 rounds for time of:

Rep rounds: 6-12-18-12-6

Hang Clean & Jerk (115/75)
Row 500m

Post time to comments


  1. A month on "the zone" and I have lost 8 pounds. January was a busy month so I probably only worked out around 10 times. It works so stick with it fellow zoners. Everyone is doing great.

  2. 25:53 rx this one was hard!! glad I have time to take a power nap today. Is power napping a kind of power lifting?

  3. 31:24 Rx–thanks Erin for the help and thanks to Danny and Melanie for the encouragement.

  4. 24:46 rx , word Jaimie! I crashed after this one 😉
    amber that's sooo awesome! Keep up te good work!
    I've noticed my energy is so much better with the zone ( which was my goal) I pause lessband am getting faster in wods! Keep up the good work guys!

  5. 25:46 RX. Great job everybody. 2 weeks on the zone. Maybe a pound or two loss, but noticeably more energy.

  6. 24:41~ 20 lbs. Lots of fun…thanks Erin and Stacy!

  7. 21:07 Rx Great job Anne! Zoning since 1/1/10 and have lost around 7lbs. Energy level is way up and I recover quicker after the WOD's. Keep it up everyone!

  8. Rhonda G says

    Well, I guess I'll post a shout out to 6:30 am. I think considering the crowd we did awesome!! Some rowed, some jumped rope…we all worked our butts off!! Good job 6:30am!!

  9. Ditto on the shout out to the 6:30s. We all did an awsome job.

    I think my time was 21:00 with a 45 lb bar

    Thanks for the help on my form Erin.

  10. patricelott says

    My time was 28:05 with a 20 lb. bar. I rowed instead of jump rope. It was fun to see everyone after the bad weather. Here's to the 6:30 class.

  11. Melanie said…

    28:55/45 lbs.

  12. 29:47 rx. On Tuesday. Great wod

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