Thursday, 28 January 2010

Only in CrossFit (and only on certain WOD’s)
can two guys get this close, and it be OK!
Strong work! :))

Max reps in 12 minutes of:

Handstand Push-ups

Post number of reps to comments


  1. Melanie said…
    67 knee hspu on 24" box. Thanks, Erin, for your coaching and encouragement the whole time. Thanks Robert, Danny, and Erin for all of your tips today to help me improve. Vernice, I am so excited about your jump roping!!!!! It is so much fun to watch you practice!!! You're doing great!!! 🙂

    hspu on 24" box.

  2. 67 hspu against the wall with yoga block on side. Only crossfitters would know what that means!!!

  3. patricelott says

    66 on knee hspu 14" box. It felt good to be back after being sick for three days.

  4. 26 RX. Great job everybody! Thanks for your help Erin!

  5. 49 with Abmat

  6. Snooze bar max rounds – 15 – PR

  7. Hey guys great job today! So proud of u all who kicked up against the wall and tried handstands! BE SAFE next few days if you have to travel!!

  8. 130 on the 20" box with about 11 of those being on my toes. I am making a vow to only do toes from now on. It is not about the number it is about being able to do it one stage closer to RX. Contratulations to all of you who can do them on the wall. I think we are all doing great and advancing all the time!

  9. 41 HSPU ~ 14"box ~ Gradually getting the better of gravity… with tips from Erin and Jaime 🙂

  10. Rhonda G says

    22 HSPU ~ 20" box ~ All on my toes… OUCH!! My shoulders are killing me!!

    Attempted the wall and failed.

    Thanks to Erin for encouraging us to forget the reps and just do what we can the best we can!! I Heart Crossfit…

  11. Did 90 on knees on 20" box. It was harder than I thought it would be.

  12. Love the posts and hard, strong work. I missed out today! Instead, did

    5 Rounds
    30 Squats
    30 SU
    20 PU

    Well done all – truly inspiring! Echo you – CF rocks.

  13. 105 toes on the side of my bed
    Need to start working on getting my butt over my head for Rx HSPU. I think I can do it it's just that that position scares the H*LL out of me. Of course I never could do a cartwheel as a kid either. I know Jimmy can't even fathom that!!! LOL
    By the way, 12 minutes is a LONG time!

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