Thursday, 21 January 2010

What a cute couple!!

For Time

100 Overhead Squats (95/65)

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Compare to 02 APR 09


  1. Yes, the are the CUTEST couple. We are so lucky to have them in our 6:30 class

  2. patricelott says

    7:08 13 lbs–a PR for me. The last time I did this WOD I used a PVC pipe.

  3. Melanie said…
    12:46/30 lbs/working hard on form/zone diet still going very well

  4. 18:08 RX Need to work on form and getting the bar back further with "active shoulders." Zone still going well.

  5. 7:44 Rx–great work Danny and Ben. Good to have you back, Erin.

  6. 12:26 ~ 13 lbs + ever-improving form

  7. 22:44 I think.. 65lbs..

  8. 12:12 and 45 pounds. What a rude awakening after a week off.

  9. 12:15 rx

  10. 8:16 (? on the seconds)
    only did a 22 lb bar today.

    I am wanting to learn more about the zone diet. Input from you all is welcome

  11. 17:14 – 40 lbs. PR

    Loved hanging with the 5:30 PM group! Thanks for having me and thanks to Erin for keeping me going. Its all about form and RX OHS is a top personal goal for 2010. Great workout!!

  12. 9:26 rx

    That workout made it very difficult to carry my grocery bag of veggies tonight!!

  13. 21-15-9
    SDHP (65)
    KBS (45)
    box jumps (20")
    good wod for today for me 😉 feel much better today better then I have in like two weeks!!! ( thank you Robert 😉
    ~ everyone did awesome today! Everyones OHS look soooo much better! Patrice u rocked it! Everyone has come so far, you all are doing so awesome I want you guys to keep pushing to your full potential!

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