Wednesday, 20 December 2009

MP will be closed due to Erin’s illness recovery. MP will re-open on Thursday, regular hours. Please pray for Erin’s speedy recovery.


4 Lengths of pool (25 yds ea)
7 Push-ups
14 Sit-up (unanchored)
16 Squats

8 rounds for time

Post time to comments

Compare to 19 OCT 09


  1. 32:50. Thought I was going to drown until I figured out the pool was only 4' deep and I could stand up. Great job today, Robert! Thanks for all of your help. Still zoning. Yesterday was more of a challenge because I was traveling, but still came in at a fairly legit 18 block day. So far, so good. Hope you feel better soon, Erin.

  2. z-pack and rest for time 😉 Slept better last night then night before (meaning didnt cough as much 😉 meds feel like they are working so hopefully keep going uphill!

    *Zone Progress: Tried the baked oatmeal bars today……….um i already hate REGULAR oatmeal(looks like puke in a bowel) BUT this was ….okay lol. First they are a lot to eat! Second they are a little bland, think i can eat half early then another half later in the morning (i just feel like im on fear factor trying to force feed myself a jar full of roches!)~lol anyway like i said said yesterday still playing with this trying to see what works for me(most important find what works for you!)Keep up the awesome work guys! Thanks so much for prayers and well wishes! you all rock, c ya tmrw! ~Peace~

  3. 23:22 PR

  4. Ran about 2miles at home. Not as hard as Phelps, but it was better than taking a nap which was the exercise I wanted to participate in.

  5. Walked the kids to school and ran back – a PR for me ~ 2 miles RT

  6. 3.5 miles on treadmill at HZ

  7. Melanie said…

    Ran 5K at LaFortune Park.

  8. 29:45 on Saturday. mainly freestyle, but a few breaststoke runs.

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