Tuesday, 19 January 2010


AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

Run 400m
Max rep Pull-ups

Post number roumds completed and total # of Pull-ups to comments

Compare to 06 JUN 09

Max rep pull-up is defined as-# completed non-stop. Once you stop, let go of the bar and go for next round.


  1. 6 rounds – 66 pull-ups – same as June 16.

  2. patricelott says

    5 plus rounds, 50 pull ups
    Hope the day off tomorrow helps you, Erin. Take care!

  3. 6 rds. 79 plu

  4. Several meters shy of 5 rounds, 71 knee PU @ HZ with Melanie!

  5. Melanie said…
    5 plus rounds at Health Zone. 94 knee pushups

  6. 6+ rounds. 41PLU on 1" band.

    One of these days I'll do a real PLU!

  7. Great job today guys! Thanks again for being patient and understanding thru this gunk I have :-/ you guys rock! Hopefully the meds and rest tmrw will help!
    ~ day two of zone ( didn't really get enough blocks yesterday , only did about 10 I should be doing 12 ;-p) o well only first week it's still in experiment mode! Keep up good work everyone!

  8. 6 rounds; 107 plu RX. Day 2 of zone went well. Still not hungry.

  9. 7 rounds 43 plu rx. I think I needed some cheese with my whine tonight!! Sorry everybody

  10. 60 plu (not rx) 5+ rounds b/c I started with the plu's

  11. 7 rounds 107 pullups

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