Wednesday, 06 January 2010

He was making a beautiful web, until mama smashed him with a shoe! 🙂

Rowing “Daniel”

50 Pull-ups
Row 500m
21 Thrusters (95/65)
Row 1000m
21 Thrusters
Row 500m
50 Pull-ups

For Time

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  1. Are u serious with the spider pic?? Do u want me to go insane???
    Your evil

  2. Poor spider! 🙁

  3. 24:14 RX. Awesome work Ben and Robert! Thanks for the help Erin!

  4. 28:29
    45 lb Thrusters
    1 1/2 " Band
    Great work everyone – full crew today! Thanks Erin for help on form and encouragement! Susan and Patrice really kicked it.

  5. 28:42 RX.. Great choice for a wod today Jimmy! It's been awhile for thrusters

  6. 22:23 Rx Run rather than row. Great job Ben and Danny. Thanks Erin!

  7. 28:26 ~ (3"band;27 lbs) ~ Great job Melanie and Erin! You rock!

  8. Melanie said…

    24:57/1" band/45 lbs.

  9. This is great workout!! 30min.

    55# thrusters
    1 1/2" PU band

  10. 29:50 rx ……… This was evil
    great job everyone ya'll worked hard! Keep up the awesome job! 🙂

  11. I did 32 something and Debbie did 29 something. The workout shot my memory as well as my body. Good to have a full crew today, I think we had everybody.

  12. patricelott says

    25:25, good work out.

  13. 26:31
    I was so sore today i used the 3" band and still had a hard time finishing the pl/up's

  14. 25:39
    45 lb Thrusters
    1 1/2 in band
    biked 2 miles at the end in place of 1000 and 500 row.

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