Tuesday, 05 January 2010

Overhead Squat

Post max load to comments


  1. 85 pounds

    Danny and Robert, I'm not worthy!

  2. 165 lbs–oh yes you are Coby! Thanks for all the help and encouragement.

  3. 145 lbs. Great job Robert and Erin! Coby, you are doing awesome! See ya'll tomorrow!

  4. 22 lbs.~In the case of OHS, function follows form~ Erin and Jaime thanks for your endless patience.

  5. (95 with butt not quit to ball 😉 ok tecqnically 90 lbs
    ~ great job today everyone!
    P. S thanks danny and robert for being my " bar boys" 🙂

  6. 125 I felt pretty cool about that

  7. 65 lbs.
    not sure of what my PR is but probably close to this.

  8. 95 with a press to overhead

  9. 125 lbs with a solo push press to overhead

  10. Ginny said….

    67 lbs..Thanks for the help and encouragement!

  11. MP Jimmy says

    Did a WOD with my wife's cheer sqaud:
    20 DU's
    50 SQ
    4 rds

    My time-7:58 (should have been faster, but jumprope was on carpet). Quads were on FIRE!

    Great job Robert on the almost BWT OHS!

  12. 62 lbs PR
    5:30 ladies thanks for letting me join you and the support. I will back!
    Stacy and Jaime will be pressing and OHS cars in the parking lot before its over. Great work!

  13. 70 lbs, PR

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