Saturday, 02 January 2010


20 Push-ups (PU)/1 Sit-up (SU)
19 PU/2SU
18 PU/3 SU
17 PU/4 SU
…and so on, until you reach
1 PU/20 SU

For Time

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Compare to 04 JUN 09


  1. Focus day on ring dips. Good job Ben, Jaime, Stacy, Coby, and Ann.

  2. 22:19 RX
    oh so sore from yesterday!

  3. Rhonda G says

    Lou and I have been reading the posts each day while on vacation…

    Boy, you guys have been working hard this past week!! Next week will be our week of repentance …I can already feel the burn!!

    See you all soon 🙂

  4. 25:05 and I'm sore. It's good to watch football in the recliner.

  5. Good for you all who showed up on Saturday.

  6. 29:26 ~ longer than I'd ever imagined!

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