Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Row 5K
For Time

Post time to comments


  1. 26:13

    That was special

  2. 19:48 Great job Coby! Thanks Robert and Jimmy for the the encouragement!

  3. 25:11. Thank you, Jimmy! Now that I understand the technique, I'll row frequently. That was a great workout!

  4. 19:24 PR!

    Strong work everyone! Congratz to Deborah and Danny on finishing their first 5K row!

  5. Look at all the PR opps I've missed, rowing, clean and jerk, deadlifts and a few more faves. Woe is me. And in this bathingsuit weather…
    See you guys tomorrow to shake, rattle and roll. Literally.

  6. 19:57 PR

  7. 26:43 (I think)
    This really was a good work our. Thanks for the great coaching Jimmy. I have not been rowing correctly. This will help.

  8. Sorry I hit snooze too many times and was running late so I went to the Health Zone and walked 5K.

    Time 47:xx

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