Monday, 21 December 2009


21-15-9 rep rounds of:

Overhead Squats (95/65)

For Time

Post time to comments

Compare to 05 MAR 09
Thank you for the great party on Saturday. I hope everyone had an enjoyable evening. Thank you Lisette for hosting. I enjoyed seeing everyone, and look forward to WOD’n with you. See you all real soon.


  1. helping my brother move for time rx

    Had a awesome time in Fort Worth at the level 1 cert. Can't wait to get back home. Miss my MP Peeps.

  2. 11:37 – 65 lbs.

  3. 10:31 RX Great job guys. Thanks for the help Erin.

  4. 12:07
    30 lb OHS – 8 lb PR
    RX Burpees

    Great workout with everyone today! And thanks Erin for the encouragement.

  5. 10:27 for me and 9:33 for Debbie

  6. Melanie said…

    10:07/30 lbs/knee burpees

    We were thinking about you at the party, Amber! Great job! We missed you!

    Thanks, Erin, for the encouragement today! 🙂 Thanks, Lisette, for hosting the party. It was a lot of fun!!!!

  7. 5:33 RX

    Great job everyone!

  8. Thanks Lisette for hosting an awesome party! And thank all you guys for being awesome and a blast to train!! Amber congrats, glad u had a great time we missed ya sat. I really do feel blessed to have such great people around me 🙂 keep up the strong work guys!!

  9. 7:02 Rx

  10. patricelott says

    9:56 20 lbs overhead squats, modified brpees

  11. 11:48; 45 lbs OHS, modified burpees

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