Tuesday, 15 December 2009

300 Double Unders
(1200 singles)

For Time

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Compare to 01 OCT 09


  1. Great to see John today! Great job today both John and Ben.

    6:16 Rx

  2. 19:11 ~ singles with my new rope!!

  3. 35:48 rx. Ugh! I had to restrain myself from
    cooking my buddy lee in the oven and walking away.

  4. 13:10 Singles

    Great to work out with Erin and the 8:30 Ladies! And, drumroll….I DID ALL RX PU IN WARM UP FOR THE FIRST TIME. HURRAY!

  5. 6.35 with a black non buddylee rope.

  6. 8:55 rx!! Yay literally cut my last time in half!
    ~ Hang in there ben be proud you did it rx!!!
    i Also did the CFE wod: 90 sec sprint 90 sec recovery x 6 total of 1.75 miles of actual running.
    * great job today everyone!!!

  7. 7:47 RX. PR by 34 seconds. Great job everybody!

  8. 18:29
    I ended up doing 50 double unders amongst the singles

  9. 10:04 – singles

  10. Melanie said…


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