Thursday, 10 December 2009

This was a “Decoration”. The local PD made the homeowner remove after multiple calls. One of the calls was from a 90 yr old lady, who made it all the way up the ladder before realizing it was a dummy.
She was not happy.

Front Squat

Post max load to comments

Compare to 23 SEP 08


  1. Don't mess with the >50 0630 women!!! We braved the cold and set PRs!! woohoo!

    105# front squats

    Erin, thanks for the new grip. I really liked it for the lighter weights.

  2. Ok 5:30's what's up?? Was this " skip day"??? I'm sending a cyber guilt trip …….. Can ya feel it???? 😉 ok I'm done now, 6:30 ladies are rockin it! Don't mess with them! 😉
    ** did yesterdays wod (that one sucked on ice :- p) : 29:21 rx and ab mat
    hope to see ALL your bright shiny frozen faces tmrw!! 😉

  3. 33:01 yesterday's wod

  4. 165 lbs PR
    thanks for all the support 5:30pm peeps

  5. 105 lbs.

    Thanks Erin for the encouragement!

  6. 105 lbs. PR

    Great job 6:30.

  7. 175 pounds

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