Wednesday, 09 December 2009

For Time:

Run 400m

3 rounds of:
20 Burpees
20 Knees-to-Elbows

Run 800m

3 rounds of:
20 Push-ups
20 Sit-ups

Run 400m

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  1. 21:31 Rx–nice job Ben and Danny–pretty chilly today. Thanks Erin.

  2. 33:01 MOD

    14" Box Jumps for Burpees
    25# KBS for Push-Ups
    3:1 SU for K2E

    Thanks Erin!

  3. 22:43 RX Great job Ben and Robert! Thanks for the encouragement Erin!

  4. Was just me and Jaimie at 8:30 we did " Christine" 3 rds of 12 body weight deadlifts 21 box jumps and 500m row = 14:46 rx

    * great job today guys!! U guys rock! And tough for braving the cold!!!!

  5. 32:25
    Hard but a great work out!

    Just what we need in this season of holiday events and all the great food and wine that comes along with it!

    Thank you Erin for the great coaching.

  6. 35:30

    Rowing instead of facing cold.
    MOD K2E

  7. 19:41~"Christine" w/dead lifts-75lbs & box jumps 12"

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