Thursday, 19 November 2009


400m Walking Lunges

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Compare to 05 FEB 09


  1. 17:43

  2. 23:47 RX
    With the bloody knees to prove it. Susan and Patrice ROCKED and were finishing breakfast when I straggled in. But I finished! Thanks for the cheering Erin. Beautiful morning for Crippler. Looking forward to the car ride to OSU. Go POKES!
    Have a great weekend all!

  3. 17:00

  4. 10:38

  5. 28:58 RX ~ 450 walking lunges/400m

  6. Melanie did…


  7. 1200 singles 17:19
    I need to be able to walk this weekend.

  8. 16:30 ~ great job today guys!! U all keep improving more and more 🙂 and michel ditto GO POKES 😉

  9. 15:19!!!

    Does anyone know if Sister Sarah had her baby yet?

  10. Susan, no, the baby is due in early January, about the 7th I believe. Some of the original CrossFit girls had a small shower for her last weekend and she looked great. She is feeling fine and ready to have him, but has just a little while to go yet!

  11. 12:48 Great job everybody! The run tomorrow will be interesting. Hopefully, I can get up from my chair by then:)

  12. 21:47

    little bit harder with the inclines than it was in the dungeon

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