Thursday, 12 November 2009



Handstand Push-ups
Ring Dips (3:1 bench dips)

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Compare to 01 SEP 09


  1. 17:08 – modified
    knees on 24" box – HSPU
    RING DIPS with knee in 1" band (way better than 3:1 bench dips!!!)

  2. 15:38 MOD
    2 rd 24" HSPU
    1 rd 20" HSPU
    Ring Dips with knee in 1" & 1/4" band
    Knee PU

    Thanks for the coaching and encouragement Erin!!

  3. OMG!!! I did band ring dips!!! 'nuff said….

    seriously, I should do this WOD weekly because my upper body needs it.

  4. Good Job Susan!! It's a whole lot different than bench dips, for sure!

  5. Angie, you are so right. I had planned to also "step up" my HSPU to my toes and do all out PU. maybe next time….

  6. Melanie said…

    knee hspu/20" box
    ring dips/1 1/4" band
    knee pu
    first time to do ring dips/it was fun!

  7. Band ring dips…my triceps are killing me!

  8. 22:01 modified hspu

  9. Whoo hoo Coby! Great to see you post! Deborah is next.

  10. GREAT JOB ALL!! Awesome job on the Band Ring Dips! Unique, isn't it?! 🙂

    Strong work!

  11. 28:15 modified with the abmat for HSPU. I am typing with my nose because I can't move my arms.

  12. Awesome Job today guys u all rocked it on the band dips 🙂

  13. 22:17 Block for HSPU

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