Thursday, 05 November 2009

Back Squat

Post max load to comments

Compare to 11 JUL 09


  1. 145 lbs

  2. 195 lbs

  3. 205 lbs.

  4. Melanie did 85 lbs.

  5. patricelott says

    92 lbs

  6. *I did my first RX Jeremy (12-15-9 of 65bs ohs,and burpees) ;-D 13:35

    ~Great job today guys! ~ congrats to the 6:30 ladies and Melanie doing the olympic bar!! 🙂

    ** Total side note since we have a certain military man who runs the show here and at Fort Sill 😉 ~ keep the soliders and families of those in Fort Hood, these guys do so much for us and this really is such a tragedy; that the very people these guys are deffending cound do something like that.

  7. 145lb

  8. hhaUkA943sYt6eAL_.qtpIt_4todtfM- says

    150 lbs


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