Thursday, 22 October 2009

MP CrossFit is closed one more day. Erin is feeling better, but is not to be driving. WOD at HZ on Thursday; and Friday, we will be back at MP.

Sprint 400m
100 Walking Lunges

4 rounds for time

Post time to comments

Note: 400m inside the Health Zone is 3 laps
100 Lunges is 50 each leg


  1. Thanks for the update Jimmy and healthy vibes to Erin!! And for the record, 400 m is 2.5 laps. Ahem. 3 laps is 440m. Not that I am counting. No…Looking forward to MP and Erin on Friday!

  2. Hey Jimmy. How about some Crossfit related pix on the blog?

  3. Hey guys sorry I will not be in tmrw. Still pretty drained mess have really taken it Outta me . Asthma is still acting up but meds are stabalizing it . I will be back friday just need one more day (I would be pretty useless tmrw) thanks for the prayers and thoughts guy u all are awesome!!

  4. about 25 minutes. I flexed my wrist and stopped my time trying to grind out the last 10 lunges.

    Hope you're feeling better Erin. See ya'll tomorrow (if I can still walk).

  5. 27:40 Rx
    Thanks Danny & Robert for cheering me on those last 25 lunges. Ugh!! I think I might have to call in "crippled" tomorrow.

    See you tomorrow Erin – feel better.

  6. ERin, I'm glad that you're feeling better. Must be asthma induced by U2 withdrawl. 🙂

    Bill B got married!!! That's why is MIA.

    Oh yeah, I did the workout and now I'm on pain relievers. Time who cares? I finished!!!

  7. Erin, hope you are better soon. Take care of yourself.


  8. Erin glad you are doing better. We won't even whine tomorrow.

    No 400 lunges for me! I made up my own workout:
    50 Step ups
    25 Ball Cleans
    25 Sit ups
    5 rounds
    25 minutes
    I called it the Mighty Mouse WOD

  9. Following Vernice, I did my own thing:

    5 RDS

    30 SU
    30 OHS (warm up version)
    30 PU

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