Friday, 31 July 2009

3 rounds for time

50 Thrusters (45)
50 Pull-ups
Run 800m

Post time to comments


  1. It looks I will be out for a while longer; have an MRI scheduled for 8/21. Keep up the good work in my absence.

  2. Clint! We miss you!! Hope you are better soon and able to come back.

    I did:
    3 rounds
    50 push ups
    50 sit ups
    run 800

    Time: 36:36


  3. Robert says

    Clint, get well soon.

    Great to see you, Jim.

    43:57 Rx–boy, we had to eat our Wheaties this week. Nice work everyone–I enjoy starting my morning with each of you.

    Thank you, Erin for everything you do.

  4. jflea3 says

    69:53(!) RX

    Get well soon, Clint.

  5. 42:32 RX
    Sub PU for PLU
    Treadmill Run

    See you next week Erin!

  6. Melanie did 46:29/22 lb thrusters/1" band/outside run

  7. I was out of town, and so I missed this workout. I definitely want to try it though.

    Clint, we miss you. Get well soon.

  8. Bershunda says


    I did 3 rounds of:
    50 push-ups
    50 sit-ups
    Run 800M

  9. Stacy J says

    Run 400
    15 DL (135)
    30 SU
    3 rounds
    15:10 RX

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