Thursday, 14 May 2009

M, T, W,F, & S:




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  1. 90 lbs

    Good job Clint & Sara A!!

  2. 72 PR woohoo!

  3. 155 lbs

    Thanks Angie!

  4. Melanie did 57 lbs

  5. Connor says

    Clint, you are an animal! Great job everyone, I lived vicariously through each of you today. Much needed rest. 🙂

  6. Robert says

    125 lbs

  7. Robert says

    Thanks, Clint for all your help.

  8. Sarah A. says

    105 lbs

    Thanks Angie and Erin for all your encouragement!

  9. 67 lbs

  10. Sarah your a rockstar!!

  11. MP Jimmy says

    Awesome job, all of you!

    I did “Griff” today with my people here. Theywere hurting on the running backwards part.

    11:38-on a track.

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