Friday, 08 May 2009


30 Double Unders (120 singles)
20 Knees to Elbows
10 Handstand Push-ups

5 rounds for time

Post time to comments


  1. Dylan says

    19:10 – 2/3 Modified.

  2. Rhonda G says

    Oooo Sorry I missed this one!

  3. Connor says

    18:50 Rx

    Awesome workout. Way to push yourselves.

    Happy Birthday Angie. Thanks to B and Sister for bringing goodies to celebrate, very thoughtful.

  4. Angie says

    20:22 (singles, mod hspu) Sweaty!!

    Thanks B & Sister for the goodies and to everyone for the birthday wishes. I love my CrossFit buddies! 🙂

  5. Clint says

    Sub’d 400m run outside for the DU’s.

  6. 18:47 (singles, modified HSPU)

  7. 32:05 mod HSPU

  8. vpbay says

    OMG! 26:17 at home without child, pet or husband assistance! Single jumps, modified HSPU

  9. Danny says

    21:26 modified HSPU

  10. Rusty says

    15.07 Happy Birthday Angie. Sarah and B thanks for goodies.

  11. Irene says

    16:59 singles, HSPU knees

  12. Sister says

    19:03-toes for HSPU and singles

    Happy B-day Angie!

  13. Nicole says

    Mod Knees HSPU
    My K2E could use some work.

    Happy Birthday Angie!
    Erin – good job today!
    Thanks for working out with me.

  14. Robert says

    18:07 HSPU on wall but half

  15. Danny says

    Melanie did 16:20, singles, su, HSPU knees

  16. 14:43 great job everyone, ps thanks for pushing me Nicole 😉

  17. Bershunda says

    19:58 – HSPU on toes

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