Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Hang Squat Clean

(Start in the hanging position, catch in the full squated position, and then stand to full hip extention)

Post max load to comments


  1. 145 lbs.

    Tried for a 6th round at 155 lbs. but failed on the 3rd rep.

  2. 105 lbs

  3. Karen

    Thanks for the encouragement Erin!

  4. 110 lbs

  5. 155 lbs.

  6. 145

  7. Melanie did 62 lbs.

  8. 80 lbs

    Got 2 reps at 85 but failed the 3rd…ugh!

    Way to go Angie! 105 = awesome!

  9. 72 lbs

  10. 67 lbs

  11. Angie is awesome!!!

    I can do 2 reps up to 80lbs I think, but 3 reps with proper form was 65 lbs.

  12. 97 lbs.

    Hey, I’m kind of new to this. Do you guys write your times/loads in a journal as well as online?

  13. Bershunda says

    95 lbs

  14. Julie – I’m not sure what everyone else does, but I do keep a journal of all my times/loads. It’s just a personal preference (OCD maybe?). It’s helpful to go back and look at previous times/weights on workouts we repeat, to assess your progress.

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