Tuesday, 14 April 2009


30 Snatches (135/95)

For time

(For those of you wanting to improve your core strength,

Post time and weight used to comments

to watch snatch videos


  1. Unfortunately I am out-of-town, hope to be back for Thursday and Friday’s though.

  2. 11:42 – 55 lbs (Not my favorite workout.)

    Uhh…are those SOCKS on Jim’s hands?!?

  3. 7:52

    Everyone remind Sarah Alexander that she has to do at least 65# next time…

  4. I agree Clint, Sarah’s form was amazing and she made that workout look way too easy!

  5. 6:46 (65 lbs)

    I tried my best to balance Sarah A’s amazing performance and form by using very little weight and still making it look difficult:)

  6. 9:46 65 pounds

  7. 300 DU’s for time
    12:44 RX (PR by 1 minute)

    my back was way too sore to do today’s WOD – call me a wuss

  8. Bershunda says

    5:50 (55 lbs) – This was hard but I liked it and want to work to get better at it.

  9. MP Jimmy says

    Yes Angie. Those are socks on Jim’s hands!

  10. 8:36- 45 lbs. Hard to know what to say. As usual my form needs work. Sarah, B, and Angie did a great job. Actually everyone did. Thank you Danny and Robert for the encouragement! I needed it!

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