Thursday, 09 April 2009


Post max load to comments

Compare to 26 Feb 09


  1. Dylan is thinking, “Must….beat….Nicole’s….time”

  2. cbriggs07 says

    I will let you all know how the new schedule will be, as I can’t make it tomorrow 🙂

  3. Bershunda ROCKS deadlifts! I bow to her greatness!!!!

    My max: 212

  4. 305 lbs

  5. 255 lbs

  6. Robert says

    237–20 better than my previous PR

  7. What a hunk!

    195 – PR by 20 lbs.

    oh and for the record…it was ONLY 7 seconds…

  8. dylan’s post above is from me (nicole) – i thought i was signed in not him – sorry

  9. 237 – Also 20 better than PR.

  10. Bershunda says

    Thanks for the compliment Angie! You did awesome too! I am terrible at everything else so I guess everyone has to be good at one thing! 🙂

    232 – PR

  11. Sister says

    Worked on my form for deadlifts and did Randy from Tuesday- 8:___ ____ Help me out Jimmy! 🙂

  12. MP Jimmy says

    Sister, I have left the gym but I think your time was 8:53. That gets you first place on the female side of the “Wall of Fame”. Congrats!

    My deadlifts today-385 felt weak today, should have followed the new plan and rested!!

  13. 275 lbs. Completed on Saturday morning after a 25 minute run.

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