Thursday, 26 March 2009


4-25 yd. Swims (any stroke)
7 PU
14 SU
16 SQ

8 Rounds for time

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  1. 41:36

    *Note* We did this on 8/20/08 and it was only 7 rounds that day.

    (…and I still want to know why we didn’t do any of Michael’s “extracurricular” activities between rounds? Would have been way more authentic if you ask me.)

  2. 25:36 inside
    Weed free

  3. 35:20
    no bong

  4. 38:55

  5. woohoo! New favorite workout. I’m going to start doing this one on the weekends. Anyone want to join me?

  6. I think Susan had the bong! 😀

  7. sssshhhh! don’t tell my kids!!!

  8. 29:24

  9. 31 something. I really like this workout!

  10. cbriggs07 says

    28:42, no comment

  11. MP Jimmy says

    Sister you were 31.15-Fastest RX female. Congratz! All of you are craking me up!! My time was 24.29. Saying nope to dope!

  12. 27:25.

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