MP CrossFit Tulsa Pricing

MP CrossFit is associated with one of the top health facilities in Tulsa, Saint Francis Health Zone. Some of the amenities include: 2 indoor pools, basketball court, indoor running track, top quality shower and locker room facilities, spa, and much more. A membership to the Health Zone is required for all MP members. There are several discounts offered. Please call the front desk for their rates, 918-494-1671.


MP CrossFit pricing is at an additional cost. The following are per month cost.

Available 10% discounts are: military, police, fire, and EMSA.


3 classes per week – $85

Unlimited – $110



3 classes per week – $170

Unlimited – $195


Family (3+):

3 classes per week – add $50 each additional

Unlimited – add $75 each additional



$12 per class per person