Wednesday, 15 January 2020


Strength & Conditioning:

With a repeating clock, every 75 seconds perform 1 repetition of:

Snatch, start at 20-25% 1-RM, adding (10/5) each round until failure

…then, using the failed load, continue with:

Clean, adding (10/5) each round until failure

…then, using the failed load, continue with:

Deadlift, adding (10/5) each round until failure*


For max load at each lift and total weight lifted

*There will be a 45 minute time cap. If you reach the 44 minute mark, and haven’t hit max deadlift, perform max unbroken reps at final minute load. If your deadlift is over (400/300), go up by (20/10) for several rounds at first; and then return to (10/5) as you get 5-7 rounds from hitting max load.



Post results and experiences to comments


  1. megancyork says

    I love this WOD so much! It can get frustrating but such a great test of strength using “blind” lifting.

    Snatch 103#
    Clean 138#
    Deadlift 233#… I just got tired of lifting.

    I haven’t been lifting heavy for a while.
    Didn’t eat before.
    Also I do not do 6:30am on the reg.
    And I hate platform 2.

  2. Henry Smith says

    Snatch – 205#
    Clean – 275#
    Deadlift – 295#

  3. Worked up to a comfortably heavy load, and then stopped. First time I’ve really lifted since hurting my back and it felt great.
    Snatch 88# (88%)
    Clean 118# (84%)
    Deadlift 193# (74%)

  4. Snatch 90# (~97% 1RM)
    Clean 140# (matched 1 RM)
    DL 210# (~92% 1RM)

  5. Snatch 98#
    Clean 148#
    DL -stoped at 183. Had to leave early.
    Love the barbell!!

  6. Snatch 70# (90% 1 RM)
    Clean 100# (97% 1 RM)
    DL 235# (96% 1 RM)

    Failed right at my PR on every one but it felt amazing to lift heavy!
    Can’t wait to beat these numbers this year!

  7. White Ape says

    I was pleased with my performance. For not having worked almost any heavy lifts in the last several weeks, I did pretty good.
    Snatch – 195 (heaviest snatch post shoulder surgery) And I caught it in a SQUAT!! Had loose shoulders, so need to tighten up.

    Clean – 305 (25# under PR, but tied pre-surgery lift)

    Deadlift – 475# probably the most disappointing of the three lifts. Well under my lifetime PR and post-surgery PR.

    But all in all, I am pleased.

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