Monday, 15 August 2016

MP CrossFit Tulsa 081516



MFFL Workout 1.1

Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of:

1 Bear Complex (165/105)*

1 Muscle-up (bar or rings) or 3 Chest-2-Bar Pull-ups or 5 Pull-ups

10 Box Overs or Step Overs (24/20″)

15 Wall-Ball Shots (20/14) @ (10/9′)


For Score

Compare to Monday, 03 August 2015

*BEAR COMPLEX: Without dropping the bar, the athlete will do 1 power clean, 1 front squat, 1 push press, 1 back squat, 1 push press.
The athlete may perform a thruster to integrate the power clean, front squat and push press into one fluid movement and perform
the back squat and push press into one fluid movement. THE WEIGHT WILL DECREASE 5 POUNDS FOR EACH ROUND UNTIL THE BAR



Olympic Wall Squat – 2:00

T-spine – 2:00

Quad Smash – 2:00


For Quality



Post score and experiences to comments


  1. http://Susan says

    9 rounds + 1 bear complex

    I started at 68#.

  2. http://Mr.%20Such says

    WOD: 351 Rx

  3. http://Daniel says

    8 rds + 16
    Started bear at 145#
    3 c2b no muscle up
    16# wb
    I also did 15 step overs per rd instead of 10. Must be my CRS kickin in

  4. http://Pinky says

    11+16 (lacked 11 wallballs on 12th round)
    There was some question about us not having proper weights on the bar, however when I counted backwards from 105, I ended up at 50, which would have been the 12th round, which is where we were. Regardless, I did much better than last time and with more difficulty. Mod: jumping MUs-4 rounds with 10+25# plates, remaining rounds with 25 plate only.

  5. http://Muffin%20Man says

    WOD: 14+0 Rx (1 rep less than last time). Pretty sure we did the WBS last time inside the box. More walking around this time to get to the gym for WBS. Also changed every 2 sets going down by 10 lbs. Did an extra Bear Complex at a higher weight then got thrown off.

    Still love that WOD though!

  6. http://Jaime says

    10 rds plus 15 wbs. Went bottom up
    Missed one lift because I was behind
    Did ring MU

  7. http://Manny says

    272 Rx (10 rounds complete + 1 BearCom + 3 C2B)

    Performed Chest-2-Bar PLUs each round.
    Weight was heavy on first couple rounds on push press. Had a couple no reps.

  8. http://CourtnieMcKone says

    Step overs and 5 plus each round

  9. http://White%20Ape says

    14 rds +25 rep
    403 rep Rx+
    Decreased by 10 lbs every other round.

    I was almost 1 round less than last time. We had a lot more people moving around and a lot more distance between stations.

  10. http://Jana says

    MU with a red band two rounds and purple the rest and NO chicken wing!

  11. http://darrenandtara says

    11+26. Red MU.

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